Spring Trials

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California Spring Trial visits should/must be scheduled in advance. Use the Visit Planner to plan your trip and appointments. Register HERE. The following three maps show destinations in each region.

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THE NORTH (2-3 Days)

Your visit to The North for Spring Trials 2017 will be similar to prior years, with Proven Winners at its new location in Gilroy for the second year. Golden State Bulb will be participating in Spring Trials biannually, starting in 2018, but will take special requests to visit in 2017. COHEN, Hishtil and Jaldety will move from PP&L in Watsonville to a new location in Los Alamos (see below). Rancho Espinoza joins Spring Trials 2017 with the southern-most location in The North at Chualar.

Suggested visits might include Speedling, Danziger and Syngenta on one day; Proven Winners, Benary, PP&L on another day, and a trip to Salinas/Chualar for the third day. Add travel southbound to your Salinas/Chualar visits and you're set up to begin your trip in The Central. There are plenty of accommodations in the Gilroy and Salinas areas. You can plan to stay 2-3 nights in the same hotel and visit all the stops in The North with ease.

THE CENTRAL (2-3 Days)

Your visit to The Central for Spring Trials 2017 will be similar to 2016, with Floranova now participating again at the same location as GreenFuse in Santa Paula. DUMMEN Orange has consolidated its two locations to Edna Valley only and The HGTV Collection has moved to The South @ EuroAmerican Propagators in Bonsall. COHEN, Hishtil and Jaldety have moved to a new location, Chisan Orchid Nursery in Los Alamos.

If you visit Dummen Orange, the FLOREP Group at Windmill Nursery and Chisan Orchid Nursery on one day, and then plan a trip to GreenFuse/Floranova, Ball and Grolink on another day, you should have plenty of time to visit with all of the locations and participants. Depending which way you are traveling, you will likely spend one night near Los Alamos and one night near Ventura, each of which has several accommodations and eateries.